14% tested in “in vitro” revealed specific antibodies against coronavirus

At the end of the first week of mass testing for antibodies to the new coronavirus infection of SARS-COV-2 laboratories “in vitro” was defined by the presence of immunoglobulins G 14% tested, indicating the formation of their immune response to COVID-19. In this case only the first four days of analysis for the qualitative determination of antibodies of class G (IgG) against the coronavirus passed more than 40 000 people, the company said.

Data by region were as follows. The maximum number of patients were referred to perform research in medical offices Invitro in Moscow and Moscow region – more than 47%. On the second and third place – the North-Western Federal district and the Volga region, which accounted for 14.6% and 9.5%, respectively. Fourth place in the number of people willing to test the presence of antibodies to SARS-COV-2 occupied Siberia with the rate of 8.6%. The top five most active regions of the Central Federal district is 7.9% of the performed tests.

Immunoglobulins G are beginning to be produced in the body through 21-28 days after contact with the virus, their level increases slowly but for a long time can remain high. Testing for antibodies gives a more reliable indication of the extent of the pandemic.

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