Put the Concord Project to Work

Thank you for visiting the Concord Project!

How you can put the Concord Project to use for you and your group.

First and foremost, the Concord Project is a simple tool to help teach basic Get Out the Vote (GOTV) techniques, basic precinct information, as well as an open (“wiki”) platform/hub to collaborate and coordinate GOTV efforts.

The Concord Project: Your GOTV Bulletin Board

A few of the ways you or your group can use the Concord Project:

  • Posting GOTV events
  • Coordinating precinct walks
  • Asking for phone banking help
  • Linking to articles you think are of interest to other activists
  • Creating a discussion on a particular issue
  • Posting endorsements of candidates

In order to maximize your GOTV efforts, it is important to know how to best put the Concord Project to work for you and for America.

Below are some basic instructions on how you can use the Concord Project and its wiki platform.

Easy Sign-in Instructions:

First, click on either the map icon in the upper right corner of the website, or click on the ‘My State’ tab in the menu bar.

Once the map of all 50 states pulls up on your screen, click on the state where you live (a page showing your state, as well as the candidates running should appear).

Once there, sign in by using either of two methods (both on the left-hand side).

  1. Log in/create account. Click on “log in/create account” to set up your own account.
  2. Log in using your Facebook account. Simply log in (or create an account) with your Facebook account by clicking on “Log in Using Facebook Connect

Once you have created an account, start posting on your state’s Forum.

Using the Forums.

The Concord Project’s forums are an open platform for individuals, activists and groups to post events, meeting announcements, or other information in order to coordinate GOTV efforts. Think of it as a bulletin board for your precinct, legislative district, or state.

In addition, you can hyperlink other websites, hold discussions, as well as communicate with one another.

Getting started.


  • Once you have logged in to your state, click on the “Forum” link on the left-hand side of the page. ¬†This will take you to the wiki bulletin board.
  • Once there, click on the forum for your state.
  • To post on the forum, click on the tab that says ‘Start New Thread
  • Once you have titled your thread and typed the text you want, click ‘preview’ (if you want to see how your post looks) or ‘submit‘ (if your thread is ready for publishing).

To Comment or Reply to a Thread:

  • Simply click on the thread title.
  • Once the thread is open, you can post below the latest posting on the thread.
  • Once you have written your comment or reply, simply click ‘preview‘¬†(if you want to see how your post looks) or ‘submit‘ (if your thread is ready for publishing).

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at info@concordproject.org.

Thank you for coming to use the Concord Project to help Get Out the Vote!