Printable Documents

Concord Project Flyer – Explain it to your friends and local organizations and Tea Parties

Building A GOTV Army – An easy-to-understand list of basics for finding allies and getting them out to vote

A Checklist for GOTV Activists – A checklist of things you can be doing now to get ready for GOTV

Employer’s Guide To Discussing GOTV – Check out the rules before you talk politics!

The Power of Five – Small groups can build a big movement


The Five Tasks of Any Activist

Gathering Information – Using Procint (see more about it on the Procinct website!)

In Your Neighborhood: Precincts

It’s Easy To Go Door To Door!

How To Go Door To Door

What Is A Precinct?

How Does One Become A Precinct Committee Member?

The Importance of Precinct Committee Members

FAQ: What Is The Time Commitment for Precinct Committee Members?