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Become A Force Multiplier: Five simple tasks for American Activists

Some background to the presentation below: After observing the trends on the Left for many years, in early February 2009, during a meeting with a friend familiar with the “hydra” that the Left had built, we lamented on how there … Continue reading

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What Happened At RightOnline

Redstate’s  ColdWarrior and Ron Robinson invited several precinct activists from around the country to sit on a panel at the recent RightOnline conference, put on by Americans for Prosperity. Our topic was the “Importance of Precinct Activism”. Below the fold … Continue reading

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Vetting Candidates

Most of us have done a very limited amount of vetting candidates, though of course we size them up all the time. But there is a difference between choosing among a group of candidates from their media presentation and actually … Continue reading

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