What is the Concord Project? The Concord Project is a tool for liberty-minded individuals and groups who care about America and our Constitution to learn basic Get Out The Vote (GOTV) techniques.

As importantly, with its open platform, the Concord Project enables individuals and groups to coordinate and collaborate their GOTV efforts, giving activists an open platform to contribute and work together on Getting Out The Vote in November and beyond.

With labor unions and other left-wing organizations spending hundreds of millions of dollars and coordinating activities to influence political outcomes at the ballot box, the Concord Project is Prometheus’ flame, giving hard-working Americans the knowledge, platform, and tools to take back America through GOTV education and open-source coordination.

How the Concord Project Came About. In late May, two former union activists (one a former Director of Organizing for a major international union, the other a former union Mobilization Coordinator) were discussing how ordinary Americans don’t understand the influence of union Get Out The Vote activities on the political process.

One said to the other, “Let’s figure out a way to teach Americans how to get out the vote.”
After sharing the idea with some bloggers and activists, the idea of the Concord Project was born.

Since then, dedicated activists have built the idea from the ground up with one mission only: To provide a tool to for individuals, activists and groups to have a vehicle to take back their country.

Legal Status. The Concord Project is a non-profit, non-partisan voter education and outreach organization.

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