When GOTV Goes Terribly Wrong

The recall election in Wisconsin is (has been) very contentious. Once in office, Gov. Walker set about putting together a budget with a major austerity initiative that included a push to end collective bargaining for public workers. The response to Gov. Walker’s initiatives has been strong, both “for” and “against” his agenda, and as a result, a major recall election campaign was set into motion.

It’s not our place here at TCP to judge or take sides, but as strong defenders of any and all efforts to engage the citizenry and get them to engage the political process, and exercise their fundamental right to VOTE when elections are held, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Wisconsin story (and the news of potential GOTV fraud) in order to understand the importance of playing very close attention to any organized GOTV efforts, and making sure people are diligent and ever-watchful about getting the facts straight and acting accordingly.

ABC News has a good recap of what brought us to this point in Wisconsin:

It all began with a sea change in state government. Republican Gov. Scott Walker assumed office in January and Republicans gained control of the state legislature, putting forward a budget aimed at austerity and limiting the rising costs of public employee benefits, which ended collective bargaining for all public workers except police and firefighters.

Democrats in the state legislature left the state to avoid voting on the measure, while thousands of protestors on both sides of the issue gathered at the state capitol to protest or support Walker’s move.

According to the NewsMax piece, millions of dollars are floating IN to the state from special interests on both sides, hoping (intending) to have an effect on the outcome of the election(s):

Robocalls urging residents of Wisconsin’s 32nd Senate District to turn out to vote in a recall election raised another specter of dirty tricks in what arguably is the most contentious of several recalls set in the Badger State in August.

The reason for the outcry: The automated phone calls are telling voters to be sure to head to the polls on Aug. 16. The problem: That would be seven days after the actual election, on Aug. 9.

It is imperative that Wisconsin voters DEMAND their voices be heard, and that only the legally eligible Wisconsin voters get the final say in who represents them in their own State House…NOT activists and pundits with deep pockets and access to a microphone.

The outcome of this recall election will determine which party will be in the majority, and scamming or trying to deceive voters in order to accomplish majority status is NOT what the Founders had in mind…nor is it in the best interests of Wisconsin residents. The activists will go home soon enough…the will of the people in Wisconsin must be allowed to prevail once they have.

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