Whatever it Takes: Tequila Edition

The Christian Science Monitor tells the story of a new “Get Out The Vote” initiative that has a great name:

National Tequila Party Movement

From the article:

“We want to motivate Latinos to vote,” says Belinda “DeeDee” Blase, spokeswoman for the fledgling National Tequila Party Movement, which has adopted a nonpartisan stance. “[Democrats and Republicans] don’t take us seriously because we don’t vote consistently.”

Through rallies and concerts in at least 20 states, the group wants to mobilize Latinos to vote in record-breaking numbers in the 2012 election. The idea is to issue a wake-up call to both parties – Democrats for taking the Latino vote for granted and Republicans for pushing policies that adversely affect the Hispanic community.

This is a great idea; getting people to pick up their heads and pay attention, by any branding or marketing means necessary, is worthwhile.

Many of us vote out of a sense of civic duty. Some do so out of a sense of pride. Some even do so when they are really mad or really happy and they want to express themselves in some political way. Whatever motivates people to GET to the polls matters far less than the fact that they DO… and that they cast their ballot.

Voting is our only direct involvement in the political process that governs all of us. Be it Tea or Tequila, all that matters is that we all do our part and vote.

Whatever it takes.

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