A Final and Permanent Solution to the Current Budget Mess: Call to Action

Many continue to shake their heads at John Boehner and Eric Cantor as we witness the current budget battle in the US House of Representatives.

Many of us are very angry that our House leaders are not delivering on their $100 billion in budget cuts and we’ve seen the negotiations fall from $100 billion in cuts to $61 billion to $30 billion in cuts for the rest of 2011.

We are told that the real battle will occur over the 2012 budget which must be finished in less than 6 months.  If you believe that spines that won’t hold up for a little Continuing Resolution fight will suddenly stiffen for a real budget fight a few weeks later, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The simple fact is that Boehner and Cantor are more afraid of a government shutdown than they are of their re-election prospects in their home districts next year.

All the bloggers’ writings and pundits’ rantings of ‘primary’ do not phase these veteran politicians at all.

But there is one group of people that all politicians are terrified of – the same group of people that got Bob Bennet tossed out of his US Senate primary in Utah.  The same group of people who persuaded Senator John Kyl not to run for re-election.  The same group of people who convinced Senator John Ensign that he could not win re-election.  This group of people help choose Congressmen just as they help choose Senators, and the group I’m referring to are not the donors, although they are influential too.

This ‘shadowy group’ I’m referring to are regular people just like you and me.  They are the precinct committeemen (PC for short).  They have many and manifest avenues of power available to them that I won’t discuss here, but for this conversation, you need know only two things about them: politicians are afraid of them, and they can instantly drive an icy spike of fear deep in a politician’s heart just by whispering the word ‘primary’.  Because only they can actually deliver that primary.

Did you know that you can actually join this group of people?  In many cases you can join them easily and instantly and have a vote in those smoke-filled rooms that you hear about – just by showing up.

Did you know that there are already a lot of true conservatives in this group who are only slightly outnumbered by the moderates and are hoping that you will show up to give the conservative faction just a few more votes?  It’s true.  They are waiting for you.

Call to Action: If you live in Southwestern Ohio CD 8 (Boehner’s district) or if you live in Virginia’s wedge-shaped CD 7 with its point on Richmond and the fat end out west (Canto’s district), you need to join your GOP central committee and become a voting party member on your local town or county party central committee.

If you don’t live in that area, please forward this articles to your friends who do live in these areas (then go become a PC yourself in your own area).

I can guarantee you that Boehner and Cantor already know there are calls to staff up the central committees in their districts with true conservatives.  But they aren’t worried yet.  If just a few of you go join in their districts, they will be very worried.  This is exactly what got Bennet and Kyl and Ensign so worried that the all left or are leaving public office.

Maybe we don’t need to primary them and throw them out (but  that would be your choice once you are on one of the many the central committees in OH DCD 8 or VA CD 7).  But I can guarantee you that your presence as a PC on those party central committees will worry them enough that they will fight a better fight and their spines will stiffen admirably.  But only if you show up and participate.

Help is there for you: there are a lot of great web sites out there that can help you learn how to become a PC quickly and where you can get questions answered by phone, email or in online discussion rooms.  One is called The Precinct Project.   Another is called party.PROCINCT.net.  Go to either site and you will get a good, fast education on how to become a precinct committeeman in your state.

Forward this article to your friends in Ohio and Virginia.  Then go become a PC yourself.  Govern your party and pick better county and state chairs for your party.  Send better RNC delegates to the RNC from your state.

Govern your public servants through the party that elects them.

Or not.



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