Relighting the Torch of Liberty: Coordination is the Key to Saving America From Politicans

An interesting post in Tuesday’s Washington Examiner (the first of a three-part series) takes a look at the phenomenon of America’s Tea Party movement.  Written by pollster Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen, the writers examine the growth of the Tea Party movement, as well as the derision foisted upon it from the political ruling class and the Left.

The Tea Party movement has become one of the most powerful and extraordinary movements in recent American political history.

It is as popular as both the Democratic and Republican parties. It is potentially strong enough to elect senators, governors and congressmen. It may even be strong enough to elect the next president of the United States — time will tell.

But the Tea Party movement has been one of the most derided and minimized and, frankly, most disrespected movements in American history. Yet, despite being systematically ignored, belittled, marginalized, and ostracized by political, academic, and media elites, the Tea Party movement has grown stronger and stronger.

In November, the power of the Tea Parties will be tested against Big Labor’s get out the vote machine.  While the Tea Party movement remains highly passionate and resolved to change, the Left is using Big Labor to ensure the losses in November’s polls are minimal.

In order for the Tea Parties, as well as other patriotic Americans to stop the bankrupting of our nation, the ability of activists and groups to coordinate GOTV in November will be the key to wresting control of our nation from politicians and bringing the true power back to the people.

The Concord Project was developed as a tool to help ordinary Americans learn basic Get Out the Vote (GOTV) techniques, as well as to provide a hub for individuals, activists and groups to work together.

  • The Concord Project is not “a group” looking to build members, it is a tool for existing groups to use.
  • The Concord Project is a hub where ordinary Americans can learn basic GOTV techniques, coordinate their efforts and work together to take America back.
  • The Concord Project is a platform for bottom-up politics, instead of top-down politics dictated by the ruling class.
  • The Concord Project is based on a ‘wiki’ platform that enables people and groups in each state to contribute content and work with others in their state by using message boards to work together, district by district and precinct by precinct.
  • Due to its wiki-based platform, after November, the Concord Project is a tool that individuals, activists and groups can use as a bridge-builder for issue-based education, activism and mobilization at the city, state and federal level to hold politicians (from school board officials to senators) accountable to the people who put them there.

America is at a turning point in its history, her heritage, her freedoms and her exceptionalism are under direct threat by special interests, as well as the very people (of both parties) elected into power.

As one writer at RedState noted:

This plan will save the Republican Party…but not the current political nobility residing there now…by returning power to the People, as designed by the Founders.

This plan will even save the Democrat Party…but certainly not the current politicalcognescenti and apparatchiki residing there now….again, by returning power to the People.

In short, this plan can save the entire playing field of Liberty, and all the rules appertaining thereto…

The Concord Project is Prometheus’ flame: A tool to be used to re-light the torch of Liberty.

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