GOTV: Hang Together or Most Assuredly Hang Separately

“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” — Benjamin Franklin, July 4, 1776

From RedState, a couple of posts on the Concord Project:

Rolled-Up Sleeves, Dirt Under the Fingernails, That’s Our Politics Now

I said in my last post that this is all I would be writing about these next 55 days or so. I’ll try to keep it fresh but if it gets redundant, well, you know what they say about repetition. By November I’ll have beaten this horse so hard you’ll think ColdWarrior is Louis L’Amour.

This is about the ConcordProject which went public yesterday. At its heart are the usual suspects, our own LaborUnionReport, Ron Robinson and ColdWarrior plus a lot of other people. Ladyimpactohio, who can field- strip a Blackberry with an eyebrow pencil, blindfolded, and tweet in Morse Code just by clicking her teeth, has been over this with a fine toothed comb. And no one knows more about OFA (The Dem sponsored GOTV Plan) than LIO. The hours spent on this project number in the thousands over several months.

But that’s not the real story, or the real teaching lesson here.

While the Dems have poured millions into OFA these guys paid for this by taking Coca Cola empties back to Krogers. (More on that later, at the bottom.) That’s why there is so much to learn here…for all of us…for all of you…for now you know what a few people with insight, imagination, a willingness to work hard, with a cause and a mission can do. Soooo, from reading the comments here on RS the past 11 months, I’d say those are the same qualities burning in virtually every person I’ve seen here. You also know what needs to be done.


What the ConcordProject isn’t is just “a good plan”. It is THE PLAN, of this I am certain. Candidates can use it. So can ordinary citizens who are willing to get off the couch and actually make a difference. It’s missing only one thing; YOU and every other YOU you can find. Yeah, it needs a few bucks, but mostly what it needs is for everyone to pledge just a fraction of the rolled-up sleeves, dirty fingernails and sweat these guys have already surrendered. Just a fraction. Become a Leader of One…to the Power of Five (which you’ll find on Concord’s Home Page) then make sure each of your converts becomes Leaders of One to that same Power of 5, etc, etc. It’s really that simple.

You can go about this in several ways, from a one-on-one, face-to-face approach with your neighbor or co-worker, to a back yard cook-out, to finding a venue to give a talk…Tea Party/Patriot event, business club, etc.

This is the part that gets a little hairy, for in order to get five, you usually have to talk to thirty,and all of it has to be done away from the computer and the internet. Neither of those can vote. Neither can platforms. Only real people can. Boots on the ground. Don’t let technology sedate you.

Read the rest here.

GOTV: Hang Together or Most Assuredly Hang Separately

In 54 days, Americans will be heading to the polls to determine the future direction of this nation.  Frankly, it is a decision that will come down to an either-or choice:

Either America continues its slide toward European-style socialism, an erosion of civil libertiesgun controlnationalized health carenationalized retirements, more government-forced unionization by socialist-loving union bosses, more job killing legislationmore bailouts, more debt and, very likely, bankruptcy

OR, the leftist slide can be stopped for now…and, potentially, the long road of reversal can begin in 2013 with the eventual renewal of America based on the Constitutional principles and fiscal responsibility coming in the not too distant future.

To many, it really is that simple and, in this election.  There is no middle ground and those who prefer comity by lying with the enemies of freedom will be swept away, if not this time,then next.  That, too, is a goal.

Read the rest here.

For more information about The Power of Five, download the PDF here.

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