What We’re Trying To Do

For years, unions and their allies have had superior efforts at turning out voters to polls
to push through higher taxes, greater regulation, and more crippling entitlements. For the 2010 mid-term elections, unions have created a “firewall” strategy in 27 states and are pouring (at a minimum) $200 million into their GOTV efforts.

The Concord Project is a non-profit, non-partisan tool from which businesspersons, activists, and ordinary citizens can gain long-hidden tools for increasing voter participation in their own neighborhoods, communities and states, as well as to create an ongoing platform for political education and activism through a Prometheus Strategy.

From now until the November 2nd mid-term elections, the Concord Project’s focus will be education, coordination, and mobilization of a wide and disparate array of individuals and groups of Americans who support an agenda of less government and better economic policies to get out the vote (GOTV).

Launching on Labor Day weekend, the Concord Project, through a series of online components, will be a unique platform a that centers around creating a virtual hub from which individuals can:

  • Watch easily understandable videos demonstrating the basics of GOTV work,
    including how to obtain lists of friendly voters in their areas, how to coordinate efforts
    with other local activists, and setting up the logistics of transportation, lists,
    communications, etc
  • Create a social effort to fill out the information usually hidden from citizens (voter files, locations of precincts, etc)
  • Collaborate with existing groups of like-minded groups and individuals with similar goals operating in the area

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